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Charity in malasiya

The Malaysian branch has been functioning for the past 14 years. It started off as a small group of people led by Mr. A. Tamilvanan collecting money from friends and relatives for the services in Ongkarakudil. Now it has become a centre on its own with Mr. Tamilvanan presiding over it.

Currently the The Persatuan Kebajikan Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Sanggam, Malaysia has about 120 full time volunteers working for it. Most of them travel throughout Malaysia and Singapore to collect donations for the on – going charity services in Ongarakudil, Tamilnadu.

In Malaysia itself, the Association provides monthly food rations to about 200 poor families. It also gives financial and educational aids wherever necessary. Help is given to anyone in need regardless of race or religion.

For these, the volunteers approach the general public for monetary and material help. Materials are in the form of food items that are distributed to these unfortunate families