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Charity is giving without expecting anything in return. Helping the poor has been the main focus of activities since its foundation. The Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Charitable Trust considers giving food, water and medical assistance to the unfortunate as the highest form of charity. Food and water are the basic necessities for every living being. When a person starves, his senses and thoughts become dim and non-functional. The weakening senses destroy the body and the soul eventually leaves.

When such starving person is given food, the body is revived and its senses start to function normally. Thus allowing that person to carry out his daily duties. Therefore giving food for the hungry is considered to be the noblest of deeds since it helps save lives. The praise of the soul that receives is the real grace of God. This grace accumulates our virtue of righteousness and strengthens the soul. Following this philosophy, the Sanggam provides food, water and medical assistance where necessary.

The Funding for these services comes from the Malaysian branch in Dengkil, Selangor for the past 15 years. Full time volunteers go throughout Malaysia and Singapore to collect donations on behalf of the Sanggam. These volunteers have dedicated their lives for the well being of the less fortunate ones. The Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Charitable Trust urges the people of the world to support our activity by giving donations to our authorized volunteers for our cause.

Note : Authorized volunteers will display an identity tag issued by the Sanggam. They will also issue official receipts for any payments that are made.

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