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    1. To carry out acts of charity, to have profound sympathy for the less fortunate, to nourish the feelings of brotherhood of all human beings regardless of any differences and to practice compassion to all living beings.
    2. To love and treat all living beings on earth as equals and to treat them all with due respect and compassion.
    3. To create a world in which all human beings live together in harmony and peace regardless of race, religion, nationality, language and etc by working hard at fostering understanding and tolerance among all the people of eart.
    4. To serve one’s nation as a responsible citizen and to live without discriminating others by status, standard of living, wealth and other differences.
    5. To live with a caring attitude towards everyone and to do our best in helping those who are in need of assistance.
    6. To show unreserved hospitality to all those who come in search of us and to do our best to make them feel welcome regardless of who they may be.
    7. To immediately render assistance and relief to those who are suffering from hunger, starvation, sickness and poverty regardless of which part of the world they are in or of what nationality.
    8. To respect justifies of those who are suffering in poverty and to be of assistance to find a solution to solve poverty all over the world.
    9. To not differentiate and discriminate against others by showing preferences between the rich and the poor, between the higher and lower caste and many other man made ranks that serve to divide human kind from each other
    10. To strive to be rid of the traits of selfishness, arrogance, pride and the desire to rule and suppress others.
    11. To teach to others with true intent and without hiding or retaining any information regarding all the experiences and lessons that one has learnt in the spiritual journey of one’s life.
    12. To place trust on the returns of true hard labour and to carry the responsibility of family and close relatives gladly and willingly.
    13. To restrain altogether from gambling, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, stealing and all other acts that degrade the human person.
    14. To actively create awareness among the public of the dangers of AIDS and to make available all necessary information regarding this epidemic.
    15. To practice meditation (dhyanam) and alms giving (dhanam) as the way of life.
    16. To be of service to those who are physically handicapped.
    17. To read the Thirukkural and to expound its knowledge and wisdom to the masses.
    18. To read the Thirunamthiram and to spread its word of truth.
    19. To read the Thiruvasagam and to give public speeches whereby ordinary people who have no exposure to these great literary and spiritual works may get a chance to know and to practice the highest kind of moral and spirituality.
    20. To preach the greatness to the ‘Thiruarutpa’ by Saint Ramalingar in order to introduce and make prominent the concept of ‘Universal Brotherhood of all mankind’ and to foster the practice of compassion as the only way to truly reach the feet of the Divine Lord.
    21. To offer prayers to the Great Sage Agathiar with true devotion and love, and to spread his fame in the world.
    22. To meditate for World Peace and that all human beings be freed from the dreadful sufferings of war and crime.

       The Sanggam sees this opportunity as its rightful duty to supply drinking water to these people. Using water tankers that are attached to lorries and tractors, the Sanggam buys water from a land owner who has clean underground water supply and distributes freely to about 40,000 people daily. It covers the Thuraiyur town and its surrounding area. Daily about 5,000 litres of water is supplied to these unfortunate people.