Our Branches Worldwide

Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Charitable Trust has its branches spread out to the entire world to reach down to the needy and downtrodden people in the society.

Our sincere devotees took the responsibilities of expanding the services carried out by Gurunathar Thavathiru Arumuga Aranga Maha Desigar all over the world in the same motherly kind manner. The volunteers registger the branches under the government norms when they become eligible to do so. The new volunteers try to improve their serving capacity to satisfy the Government Norms in their area of service and abide with the rules and regulations and extend their kindness to the needy people.

At the home organization "Ongarakudil" situated at Thuraiyur, every day approximately 20,000 people are given food. Following this example volunteers have setup food distribution centers at various places in Tamilnadu to name a few in Chennai, Virudhunagar, Mannachanallur-Trichy, Coimbatore, Karur, Salem, Rasipuram, Mangathevan Patti, Tanjavur, Perur, Thirunelveli, Thiruvannamalai, Thuthukudi, Udumalaipettai, and Paingganadu.

Apart from food, the organization was also supplying clean drinking water to Thuraiyur town and it's surrounding villages in early nineties when drinking water was scarce in Thuraiyur. During the summer season (from March till May) 'neer moor' or butter milk is also supplied to the people of Thuraiyur. The Volunteers are also following this and helping the people in their area during the pandemic time by serving all the required amenities.

As part of its fundamental principle, Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Sangam, Ongarakudil also conducts village gathering to preach true spirituality and universal brotherhood. In addition, on every full moon of the month (pournami) special prayers are held for all women regardless if they are widowed, married or unmarried. This is for the general well being of women in society. Our volunteers also follow this and conduct periodical prayer gatherings in the home of the members in the branch, or in common place like temple, community halls and so on.

The sangam also has branches all arround the world, to name a few in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, London, Srilanka, and Kuwait.

The Sri Agathiar Sanmaarga Charitable Trust spreads its hands to the whole world to provide help and support. To ensure continuing services to the poorest of the poor we need generous inflow of funds. Our volunteers go out in regular basis to the public in order collect alms from people who have excess or from people who are willing to provide alms and then they distribute to the poor and needy. All the activities done by the parent and branch organization are being monitored and submitted in proper forms.