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Palmleaf Cantos from great saints

Nithya Asi Nool - Daily Blessing Canto

These are the palmleaf canto given by great saints on daily basis for the functiong of ongarakudil and our devotees.

Gnana Asi Nool - Wise Blessing Canto

Lord Murugaperuman's Kind blessing canto for Ongarakudil Gurunathar his Highness Arumuga Aranga Maha Desiga Swamigal.

Vaara asi nool - Weekly Blessing Canto

Saint Agathiar's kind blessing canto with the forecast of one week from Sunday through Sunday with the important happenings to take place.

Thani Nool - Special Chuvadi

Canto for occations like Pournami, Ongarakudil functions, personal expectations of some volunteers, sudden instruction manual given by any saint that we worship.

Gurunathar's Preachings

Gnanathiruvadi is a monthly magazine, Blessed by gurunathar's preachings and saints Cantos