Gurunathar Speech

Rajarishi, Sivaraja Yogi, Paramaanandha Sadhasiva Sathguru,
Thavathiru Arumuga Arangaraja Desiga Swamigal's
Devine Preachings for the Deciples

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Year - 2000

05-10-2000 We (human race) are Nature and Nature means us (human race) Audio Video
12-10-2000 Good way of living Audio Video
19-10-2000 To identify and understand the true Guru is knowledge Audio Video
16-11-2000 Worshiping Saint Manikkavasagar gives eternal peace Audio Video
23-11-2000 Methods of worshiping Audio Video
30-11-2000 Must understand the good path and follow it Audio Video
07-12-2000 If born, Should attain eternal enlightenment Audio Video
14-12-2000 Devotion alone gives eternal enlightenment Audio Video
21-12-2000 Explanation of "Thiruvady Gnanam Sivamakku Vikkum" Audio Video

Year - 2001
04-01-2001 Worshiping the saints with faith gives all prosperities in life Audio Video
11-01-2001 Saints will not give 'vasi' until you are eligible to attain 'vasi' Audio Video
25-01-2001 Chanting Lord Agathiar's name alone gives eternal peace Audio Video
01-02-2001 Precaution is better than cure (Speech on Gujarath earthquake) Audio Video
07-02-2001 Pournami Pooja Audio Video
01-03-2001 "Nama Sivaya Vaazhga Naadhan Thaazh Vaazhga" - Explanation Audio Video
15-03-2001 "Thillai Moodhur Adiya Thiruvady" - Explanation Audio Video
22-03-2001 "Naanmugan Mudhala Vanavar Thozhudhezhu..." - Explanation Audio Video
29-03-2001 Thirumandhiram Explanation Audio Video
02-04-2001 Chanting of "Arutperun Jothi Agaval" gives all virtues Audio Video
05-04-2001 How to Worship God Audio Video
12-04-2001 Those who worship the Guru needn't worry about the horoscope Audio Video
19-04-2001 Vinayagar Agaval - Distroys our sin Audio Video
10-05-2001 Mahan Manikkavasargar's "expedient of attaining immortal life" - Explanation Audio Video
17-05-2001 Thirumandhiram Explanation Audio Video
24-05-2001 Chanting "Hail thee Ramalinga Swamigal" makes a person kind to all livingbeings Audio Video
31-05-2001 By Worshiping Thirugnanasambanthan we can defeat Yama Audio Video
07-06-2001 "Kadavul Vaazhthu" Thirukkural Chapter 1 Audio Video
14-06-2001 "Vaan Sirappu" Thirukkural Chapter 2 Audio Video
21-06-2001 "Neethaar Perumai" Thirukkural Chapter 3 Audio Video
28-06-2001 "Aran Valiyurutthal" Thirukkural Chapter 4 Audio Video
12-07-2001 "Il Vaazhkai" Thirukkural Chapter 5 Audio Video
19-07-2001 "Vaazhkai Thunainalam" Thirukkural Chapter 6 Audio Video
26-07-2001 "Makkatperu" Thirukkural Chapter 7 Audio Video
02-08-2001 "Anbudaimai" Thirukkural Chapter 8 Audio Video
09-08-2001 "Virundhu Ombal" Thirukkural Chapter 9 Audio Video
16-08-2001 "Iniayavai Kooral" Thirukkural Chapter 10 Audio Video
06-09-2001 Devotion is necessary for Concentration Audio Video
20-09-2001 Worship Saint Sugabrahmarishi to attain a peaceful life Audio Video
04-10-2001 The actual knowledge is worshiping the saints Audio Video
18-10-2001 "Poraiyudaimai" Thirukkural Chapter 16 Audio Video
01-11-2001 "Azhukkaaraamai" Thirukkural Chapter 17 Audio Video
08-11-2001 "Vekkaamai" Thirukkural Chapter 18 Audio Video
29-11-2001 "Theevinai Acham" Thirukkural Chapter 21 Audio Video
06-12-2001 "Oppuravu Aridhal" Thirukkural Chapter 22 Audio Video
13-12-2001 "Eegai" Thirukkural Chapter 23 Audio Video
20-12-2001 "Pugazh" Thirukkural Chapter 24 Audio Video
27-12-2001 "Aruludamai" Thirukkural Chapter 25 Audio Video

Year - 2002
03-01-2002 "Pulal Maruthal" Thirukkural Chapter 26 Audio Video
10-01-2002 "Thavam" Thirukkural Chapter 27 Audio Video
17-01-2002 "Kooda Ozhukkam" Thirukkural Chapter 28 Audio Video
24-01-2002 "Kallaamai" Thirukkural Chapter 29 Audio Video
31-01-2002 "Vaaymai" Thirukkural Chapter 30 Audio Video
07-02-2002 "Vegulaamai" Thirukkural Chapter 31 Audio Video
14-02-2002 "Innaaseyyaamai" Thirukkural Chapter 32 Audio Video
21-02-2002 "Kollaamai" Thirukkural Chapter 33 Audio Video
28-02-2002 "Nilaiyaamai" Thirukkural Chapter 34 Audio Video
07-03-2002 "Thuravu" Thirukkural Chapter 35 Audio Video
14-03-2002 "Mey Yunarthal" Thirukkural Chapter 36 Audio Video
21-03-2002 "Avaa Aruthal" Thirukkural Chapter 37 Audio Video
04-04-2002 "Oozh" Thirukkural Chapter 38 Audio Video
11-04-2002 Thirumandhiram Explanation Audio Video
18-04-2002 "Kalvi" Thirukkural Chapter 40 Audio Video
25-04-2002 "Kallaamai" Thirukkural Chapter 41 Audio Video
02-05-2002 "Kaelvi" Thirukkural Chapter 42 Audio Video
09-05-2002 "Arivudaimai" Thirukkural Chapter 43 Audio Video
23-05-2002 "Kuttramkadidhal" Thirukkural Chapter 44 Audio Video
30-05-2002 "Periyaarai Thunaikodal"
Thirukkural Chapter 45 Audio Video
06-06-2002 "Sittrinam Saeraamai" Thirukkural Chapter 46 Audio Video
13-06-2002 "Therindhu Seyalvagai" Thirukkural Chapter 47 Audio Video
20-06-2002 "Vali Aridhal" Thirukkural Chapter 48 Audio Video
27-06-2002 "Kaalam Aridhal" Thirukkural Chapter 49 Audio Video
04-07-2002 "Idam Aridhal" Thirukkural Chapter 50 Audio Video
15-08-2002 "Therindhu Thelidhal" Thirukkural Chapter 51 Audio Video
05-09-2002 "Suttran Thazhaal" Thirukkural Chapter 53 Audio Video
03-10-2002 "Veruvandha Seyyaamai" Thirukkural Chapter 57 Audio Video
10-10-2002 "Kannottam" Thirukkural Chapter 58 Audio Video
17-10-2002 "Ottraadal" Thirukkural Chapter 59 Audio Video
31-10-2002 "Madi Inmai" Thirukkural Chapter 61 Audio Video
14-11-2002 Saint Ramadevar's training on first stage of meditation- Part 1. Audio Video
12-12-2002 Saint Ramadevar's training on first stage of meditation- Part 1. Audio Video

Year - 2003
18-01-2003 Pournami Pooja Audio Video
23-01-2003 "Idukkan Azhiyaamai" Thirukkural Chapter 63 Audio Video
30-01-2003 "Amaichu" Thirukkural Chapter 64 Audio Video
13-02-2003 "Solvanmai" Thirukkural Chapter 65 Audio Video
20-02-2003 "Vinai Thooymai" Thirukkural Chapter 66 Audio Video
27-02-2003 "Vinai Thitpam" Thirukkural Chapter 67 Audio Video
13-03-2003 "Vinai Seyalvagai" Thirukkural Chapter 68 Audio Video
06-04-2003 "Satthu"(the essence of devine light) is endless Audio Video
13-04-2003 "Sathvisaram" in our Life Audio Video
04-05-2003 Satthu- ASatthu" Explanation Audio Video
18-05-2003 Living according to Sanmaargam Audio Video

Year - 2004
07-05-2004 Steps to attain Eternal Peace Audio Video
01-08-2004 Devotion and Humanity alone helps to attain Eternal Peace Audio Video
08-08-2004 Humanity alone helps to attain Eternal Peace Audio Video
15-08-2004 The benefits of Meditation Audio Video
22-08-2004 Humanity is Actual worship Audio Video
29-08-2004 Knowledge is attained by worshiping the Guru Audio Video
05-09-2004 Sidhantham in Sanmaargam - 1 Audio Video
12-09-2004 Sidhantham in Sanmaargam - 2 Audio Video
03-10-2004 Humanity is the only path to Salvation Audio Video
10-10-2004 Meditation in Sanmaargam Audio Video
17-10-2004 Let us worship the Sages to attain spiritual knowledge (Part 1 & 2) Audio Video
24-10-2004 Knowing the Sath-ASath is the actual spiritual knowledge Audio Video
31-10-2004 Understanding the body and soul is actual knowledge Audio Video
07-11-2004 One who knows the day-to-day duties attains Spiritual Liberation Audio Video
14-11-2004 Only those who understand the body can know the truth Audio Video
05-12-2004 Worshiping the Holy feet alone gives a peaceful life Audio Video
12-12-2004 Worshiping Saint Thiruvalluvar gives eternal knowledge Audio Video
19-12-2004 Humanity alone gives a Holy Life Audio Video

Year - 2005

02-01-2005 Thirumandhiram and Thirukkural Audio Video
09-01-2005 Worshiping the Guru alone generates gnanakanal (the root causing temperature for penance) Audio Video
25-01-2005 Thai Poosam Function Audio Video
30-01-2005 The benefits of attaining Saints Bliss Audio Video
13-02-2005 Only Vegetarian food belong to Sanmaargam Audio Video
27-02-2005 Winning Lust makes one a Sage Audio Video
27-03-2005 Devotion is the only way to overcome bad habits Audio Video
03-04-2005 Thirumandhiram explanation "Udambai Valarthaen Uyirai Valarthaenae" Audio Video
17-04-2005 Knowing oneself is Conventual life Audio Video
24-04-2005 Chitra Pournami function Audio Video
11-05-2005 Lord Vishnu's Akshaya Thirudhi Function Audio Video
17-09-2005 Theekshai Vizha 2005 Audio Video

Year - 2006

11-02-2006 Only vegetarian people get eternal life - Thai Poosam function Audio Video
13-05-2006 Chitra Pournami 2006 Audio Video
17-09-2006 Gurunathar's blessings is conventual achievement - Theekshai vizha 2006 Audio Video

Year - 2007

02-05-2007 Chitra Pournami ` Video
02-10-2007 Whorshiping saints is virtuous Audio Video
08-11-2007 Chanting Saint Agathiar's Name is actual worship Audio Video
09-12-2007 Understanding the soul helps in understanding the body Audio Video


23-01-2008 Gurunathar's Blessings can alone vanish depression Audio Video